Hotel „Senas Namas“
Užuolankos str. 24, LT-62111, Alytus.
Phone +370 315 53489, +370 315 55552, fax +370 315 51643.


Salad with large prawn and cheese sauce 5,00 Eur

Fresh vegetables salad with feta cheese and avokada 3,50 Eur

Salad with grilled chicken fillet, salad leaves, cherry tomatoes
and mustard-honey sauce 4,00 Eur

''Serrano'' ham and melon salad with mint leaves 4,30 Eur

Beet Carpaccio with feta cheese and caramelized walnuts 3,80 Eur

*Freshly baked white bread with butter 1 pcs. 0,30 Eur

Cold snacks

Herring with boletus sauce 3,00 Eur

Herring with dried cranberry sauce 3,00 Eur

Snacks to beer and wine

Fried bread with garlic, served with cheese sauce 2,50 Eur

Snack to beer 2,50 Eur

Roasted dried plums with smoked flank 2,50 Eur

Lithuanian cheese set 2,80 Eur

Fruit and cheese set with wine 2,80 Eur


Day's soup 1,50 Eur
(ask the waiter)

Onion soup 1,60 Eur

Broth with seafood 3,00 Eur

*Freshly baked white or dark bread with
three flavors of butter 1pcs. 0,30 Eur


Chicken, beef and pork chops are boiled in hot oil.
The dish is served with 6 different sauces.
Red or white wine make it to taste delicious.
The dish is served for four or more people.
Price per person 14,00 Eur

Hot snacks

Herring with marinated beets and grated potato scone 3,50 Eur

Shrimps snack 6,00 €

Zucchini with vegetable stuffing and turmeric sauce 4,50 Eur

Hot fish dishes

Grilled tuna steak with a sauce of coconut milk, rice croquettes
and grilled eggplant 8,70 Eur

Fried zander fillet with carrots, asparagus,
pumpkin sauce and couscous 8,30 Eur

Grilled salmon fillet with mango-chili sauce, fried zucchini and rices 8,20 Eur

Salmon fillet with spinach in the pastry and sauce 8,20 Eur

Trout stuffed with fries, which are enwind with
bacon 8,00 Eur

Fried dorado fillet with polenta, red pepper sauce,
with egg-plant and zucchini 8,00 Eur

Main meat courses

Fried beef steak with fried boletus, cherry tomatoes
and potatoes 15,00 Eur

Lamb loin roast with crust of herbs
and baked potatoes 12,00 Eur

Pork steak with sweet potato gruel, grilled vegetables
and capers sauce 7,50 Eur

Roast duck breast with caramelized potatoes
and cherry sauce 11,00 Eur

Turkey breast with apple filling, pumpkin sauce
and rice 7,80 Eur

Chicken's thighs roll with cream of potatoes, fried chanterelles
and baked beets 7,50 Eur

Fried chicken fillet with black raspberries sauce, fried pears
and polenta 7,50 Eur

Flour courses

Pancakes with apples and mashed strawberries 2,50 Eur


Ice-cream with maple syrup and caramelized walnuts 2,50 Eur

Baked apple in the pastry with vanilla ice-cream 2,50 Eur

Fruits salad with peach sauce and passiflora sherbet 2,50 Eur

Soft drinks

Mineral water 330 ml 1,00 Eur
Tonic 250 ml 1,00 Eur
Juice 250 ml 0,80 Eur
Natural orange juice 200 ml 2,00 Eur
''Coca – Cola'', ''Sprite'' 250 ml 1,00 Eur
Latte 2,00 Eur
Black coffee 1,30 Eur
Irish coffee 2,40 Eur
Coffee with milk 1,50 Eur
"Capuccino'' 1,50 Eur
Tea (green, black, fruit) 1,00 Eur
Iced tea (green, fruit) 1,50 Eur
- Vanilla sky 2,00 Eur
- Banana - milk 1,50 Eur
Lemon, honey 0,30 Eur

Strong drinks



Rothschild Mouton Cadet Bordeaux A.C. white, dry
France bottle 20,00 Eur
Las Moras Reserva Chardonnay, dry
Argentina 100 ml 1,70 Eur
Torres Vina Sol white, dry Spain 100 ml 1,80 Eur
Freixenet Mia white, semi dry Spain 100 ml 1,70 Eur
Venezie white, semi sweet Italy 100 ml 1,00 Eur
Carmelle, dray France 100 ml 1,80 Eur


Achaval – Ferrer Malbec Mendoza, dry Argentina bottle 20,- Eur
Rothschild Mouton Cadet Bordeaux A.C., dry France bottle 20,- Eur
Venezie, semi sweet Italy 100 ml 1,- Eur
Las Moras Black Label Malbec, dry Argentina 100 ml 1,70 Eur
Torres sangre de Toro red, dry Spain 100 ml 1,80 Eur
Freixenet Mia, semi dry Spain 100 ml 1,70 Eur
Carmelle, dry France 100 ml 1,80 Eur


Martini pink, white 100 ml 2,10 Eur
Campari 100 ml 4,10 Eur

Sparkling wine

Antonini Prosecco, dry 100 ml 1,50 Eur
''Alita'', sweet, briut, semi dry, Chardonnay, Riesling 100 ml 1,20 Eur
Freixenet Carta Nevada, semi dry 100 ml 1,50 Eur
Freixenet Cord Negro, briut 100 ml 1,50 Eur

Gintaro Sino Fruit & Berry wine
Produced in Lithuania


Berry Wine, dry 100 ml 1,60 Eur
Raspberry wine, semi sweet 100 ml 2,40 Eur
Black currant wine, semi sweet 100 ml 2,40 Eur
Fruit – berry rose wine, dry 100 ml 1,60 Eur


Gooseberry Wine, semi sweet 100 ml 2,40 Eur
Berry – Fruit wine, semi dry 100 ml 1,60 Eur

Sweet wine

Apple Ice Wine, sweet 70 ml 3,20 Eur


Vana Tallinn 40 ml 1,50 Eur


Finlandia 40 ml 1,80 Eur
Stolichnaya Premium vodka 40 ml 1,80 Eur
''Lietuviška Auksinė'' 40 ml 1,10 Eur
''Šimtmečio'' 40 ml 1,10 Eur


Sauza gold 40 ml 2,10 Eur


Ron Varadero Anejo RVA 40 ml 1,50 Eur


Torres 10 40 ml 1,80 Eur
Torres 5 40 ml 1,50 Eur
Alita XO 40 ml 1,20 Eur


Hennessy VS 40 ml 3,20 Eur


Kensington 40 ml 1,00 Eur


Johnnie Walker Black label 40 ml 3,00 Eur
Tullamore Dew 40 ml 2,40 Eur
Jack Daniel 40 ml 2,40 Eur
Grant's 40 ml 1,50 Eur

Kind of brandy

''Bobelinė'' 40 ml 0,90 Eur
''Trejos Devynerios'' 40 ml 0,90 Eur
''Pelyno'' 40 ml 1,00 Eur
''Suktinis'' 40 ml 1,20 Eur


''Švyturys Ekstra'' 500 ml 2,00 Eur
''Švyturys Ekstra'' 300 ml 1,30 Eur


Cigarettes ''Marlboro'' price on box
Cigarettes ''Parliament'' price on box